The first Protestant settlers arrived at Friedrichshofen in 1833. They helped to build the Protestant church down town Ingolstadt (nowadays St. Matthew's Church), where they also worshipped.

Many years later Protestant services started at Friedrichshofen Elementary School and were later shifted to a temporary church building.

In 1963 Thomas Church was inaugurated, together with a kindergarten and flats for the minister and church warden. It was christened "Thomas Church" only by 1978, before it was just called the "Evangelical Church at Friedrichshofen".

In 1969 the village of Friedrichshofen was incorporated into Ingolstadt town. Soon after many new houses were erected. The population increased rapidly, and in 1971 a new congregation was founded.

In 1981 a new pipe organ was fitted in the church.

From 1995 to 1996 a congregation centre was built as an annex to the church. Since then the congregation is sufficiently equipped with rooms for congregation activities. By that time the church roof was also reconstructed and the walls freshly painted.

At present the congregation has about 2.700 members, almost seven times as many as 1963. The congregation area consists of Friedrichshofen, Hollerstauden, Gerolfing, Irgertsheim, Muehlhausen, Pettenhofen and Duenzlau town districts.

The church, the congregation centre, the office and children day care centre are located in Friedrichshofen district, Buchenweg 4.

Our congregation belongs to Ingolstadt Church District

Our Roman Catholic sister congregations are St. Christoph at Friedrichshofen and St. Rupert at Gerolfing.

Church Elders Council

The congregation is run by 10 church elders together with Pastor Scherle–Schobel (Mrs.) and Pastor Stefan Köglmeier.

Members of the council are:

  • Mr. Ekkehard Pohl (speaker of the lay council members)
  • Mr. Alexander Heckel
  • Mr. Olaf Kringel
  • Mrs. Isabella Lindner
  • Mrs. Dr. Marianne Maubach
  • Mrs. Sigrid Paefgen
  • Mr. Herbert Reuthlinger
  • Mr. Manfred Ruckdäschel
  • Mrs. Jutta Spindler
  • Mr. Rüdiger Zeidler (treasurer)